The Power of Cinema
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The scene in which I confess to them is invented, imagined. And, in fact, could never have happened… .because Robbie Turner died of septicaemia at Bray Dunes on the first of June 1940, the last day of the evacuation…and I was never able to put things right with my sister Cecilia….because she was killed on the 15th of October 1940 by the bomb that destroyed the gas and water mains above Balham tube station.


"We pass the time of day to forget how time passes." - Amelie (2001)

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I regret to inform you, Captain Steven G. Rogers went missing behind enemy lines on the third aerial reconnaissance has proven unfruitful. As a result, I must declare Captain Rogers killed in action.

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I'm such a fool, I can't be free!

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You’d be surprised what you’ll be willing to do, when the Lamia comes for you.

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